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bank story, continued. now it’s the bureaucracy of e-estonia:

so, i need to ‘proof’ to the bank that my next salary payment goes to their account, because, hm, reasons, i guess.

calling the social insurance board which issues and transfers parental benefits, and will be my ’employer’ for the next couple of months (thank you, Estonia. no, seriously, that’s amazing and deserves much respect). they have to give me a signed statement of the bank account number they’ll send the money to.

but instead of giving that person a button that says ‘send signed data do data producer’, i have to write an application, sign and send it to them per email, only to hope that somebody will process it in time.

#e-estonia, pleasepleaseplease stop feeding the hype and make your systems work before you go on. if you don’t, this will come crashing down on you so big time, once it’s running under pressure conditions…


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